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Mars Gaming presents its three lines inspired by some of the most powerful gods of the Greek and Roman mythology. Hades, Zeus and Vulcano yield their attributes to the products of their respective lines to create peripherals worthy of a god. Pay tribute to the god of the underworld, Hades with his spectral products; have the power of Zeus's lighting in your hands; or equip yourself with the weapons of the gods, created in the forge of Vulcano. And you, which one do you prefer?


Hades, lord of the Underworld, reigns under the earth having power over the dead. Older brother of Zeus, Hades is a powerful and severe god. Dark and scary. The Hades line reflects the kingdom of the dead and the souls that live there with its design in black and white colors. These peripherals will transport you to the kingdom that only heroes like Theseus, Heracles and Orpheus have been able to cross. Be a hero and enter the darkness with the Hades line!


Zeus, father of the gods, lord of heaven and thunder, inspires this new range of peripherals. With a white and blue design, reflecting the attributes of the Olympian king, the products of the Zeus line are the reflection of the strength and power of the god of gods, who defeated the titans and raised as the main deity of Greek mythology. Rule over gods and mortals with these peripherals!


Vulcano, master and lord of fire, brings us this series from his forge of the gods. In red, reflecting the fire of its forge, the element of Vulcano, the peripherals that make up this series are a reflection of the strength and skill necessary to create the ultimate weapon. Vulcano is the blacksmith who provides us with the essential peripherals to succeed on the battlefield. Equip yourself with the weapons of the gods!


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